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Weight Loss

Is not just about what you eat or don’t eat

Is your weight gain due to sluggish liver, sugar cravings, under-functioning thyroid, fatigue, emotional eating, or many other factors?

In our weight loss programme, you will be treated as an individual, with all aspects of your personality, blood type, constitution, medical history, lifestyle, family situation, etc. taken into account.

Your personal weight loss diet plan and programme may include any of the following.

Iridology – to check your inherited constitution – which parts of your body are stronger/weaker, so we can focus in on the seat of the issue. Under-functioning organs and systems, e.g., liver, thyroid, pancreas and lymphatics can make weight loss difficult. A full iridology report will be given

Bio-impedence Analysis – for body composition analysis – weight, BMI, body fat %, muscle %, physique rating, visceral fat, metabolic age, etc. Bio-Impedence Analysis gives you the information to keep you motivated, set highly achievable goals for fat loss and muscle gain, and monitor your progress and body composition changes over time.

Regular weighing and measuring for weight loss motivation, and to help keep you on track.

Blood type testing – enables you to eat true to your blood type. As an example, the leading factor in weight gain for Type Os is the gluten found in whole wheat products, which interferes with insulin efficiency and slows down metabolic rate.

Vega testing – to check for allergies, heavy metals, nutrient deficiencies, reduced organ function, etc., all of which may interfere with achieving your weight loss goals.

Diet diary – studies show that if a diet diary is maintained, weight loss is increased.

Exercise regime best suited to your body type.

Herbs and weight loss supplements – if needed for, e.g. anxiety, sweets cravings, liver support, thyroid support, metabolism, etc.

Emotional Freedom Technique – For weight loss motivation. To support you if there is emotional overeating due to depression, anxiety, fear, or using food as a comfort or reward. Also compulsive eating, bingeing, particular food cravings, and sabotaging your weight loss efforts can be addressed with Emotional Freedom Technique.

Biomesotherapy – Acupuncture is effective in making it easier to lose weight and maintain that loss. Specific acupuncture points on the body and in the ear release endorphins which have a calming and relaxing effect that makes it easier to deal with stress, frustration and anxiety that can trigger overeating and bingeing on fattening foods. It can also help rebalance the organ systems that are running too slow—i.e., the metabolism and the will power.

Ear and body acupuncture points are selected for reducing anxiety, improving metabolism, and also for hunger, impulsive eating, constant nibbling, emotional overeating, hormonal related eating, sweets cravings, etc. At the end of each consultation, adhesive ear tacs are in the same spots on the ear to continue the stimulation between treatments. So, when the patient feels an urge to eat, s/he applies mild pressure to the point or rubs it back and forth for about 20 seconds. This type of acupressure stimulates the point, causes a mild endorphin release, relaxes the patient and helps them to regain their willpower or resolve about resisting the temptation to eat.