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Your brain works non-stop, performing most of the major functions that affect the rest of your body.

And just like any organ, your brain needs to rest as well. And what could be a better way to let your brain rest than to have a deep slumber? Sleep has a special role in enhancing neuronal connections and preventing cellular damage that leads to mental health problems.  During its rest mode, your brain becomes less active – the perfect moment to replenish and repair any damage caused by external and internal factors.

Aside from sharpening your brain, the right amount of sleep can help prevent mental decline that goes along with age. That’s according to a study by the University College London. In this research, men and women who slept for an average of 7 hours performed better on reasoning tests than those who slept for less than 6 hours, as well as the people who slept for more than 8.

While most studies on sleep focused on the effects of sleep deprivation, it is good to see a scientific research that tackles the effects of too much sleep. This study reminds us that even when it comes to sleep, too little or too much can be harmful.

If you are having trouble sleeping:

  • Avoid working or watching TV for 2 hours prior to bedtime
  • Avoid large meals 2 hours prior to bedtime
  • Listen to music or a meditation CD – to help relax your mind
  • Have your bedroom in total darkness
  • Contact me for my combination of sleep herbs – Valerian, Zizyphus, Hops, Chamomile, Passionflower and Hops.