16 Sep 2012


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Daily supplements of an extract from the bark of the French maritime pine may ease symptoms of hay fever, says a new study.

Seven weeks of supplementation with the branded ingredient Pycnogenol also reduced the level of non-prescription antihistamine medication use to only 12.5 per cent. Fifty per cent of participants in the placebo group required the antihistamines.

The immune system mistakes the spores for harmful invaders and promotes the synthesis of the immune chemicals immunoglobulins (Ig) to bind to the pollen and fight them off.

Participants were assigned to receive the pine barkĀ supplement (100 mg per day of Pycnogenol) or placebo throughout the allergy season. Results showed that IgE levels increased by 32 per cent in the placebo group, compared with only 19 per cent in the pine bark extract group.

The study demonstrated that Pycnogenol decreases nasal and ocular symptoms in allergic rhinitis patients