09 Feb 2016


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Need help with losing weight?

Get smaller plates and put them on a big table

Obvious – and it works

Certain kitchen tables and plates may trick your mind into eating less.

A team of food scientists from Cornell Food & Brand Lab set out to discover if table and plate size could influence a person’s calorie intake.

For the experiment, 219  participants were assigned to one of four tables set with slices of pizza.

The slices were then divided among the different-sized tables: one large table had regular slices; another large table had small slices; a third, smaller table had regular slices; and the fourth, small table had small slices.

Once they sat down, participants were told they could eat as much pizza as they wanted

Afterwards, participants were asked to report how they perceived the sizes of pizza. When the small pizza slices were placed on the small tables, participants accurately saw the size of the slice to be half the size of the regular ones.

This led them to take twice as many slices compared to those who ate small slices off of a large table.

Participants ate the least food when the food was served in small portions and on large tables.  Researchers found the large table distracted participants and created an optical illusion.

Essentially, if you want to eat less pizza, stick it on a massive table and cut it into smaller slices.