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LADIES – is your carb intake making you depressed??


Eating highly refined carbohydrates after menopause is associated with increased risk for depression in women, according to a new study involving more than 70,000 women aged 50 to 79.

Refined foods including soft drinks, sweets and white rice cause fluctuating blood sugar levels, which could lead to mood changes and fatigue, say the researchers. The GI (glycaemic index) measures how much sugar remains in the blood after eating. It ranges from zero to 100, and the highly refined carbohydrates tend to have a higher GI.

The result at the end of the study: The more refined sugars a woman ate, the higher her blood sugar levels and the greater her risk for a bout of depression. Blood sugar that is too high induces an elevated insulin response that can lower blood sugar to levels that induce a hormonal counter-regulatory response rapidly dropping blood sugar levels.

However, the analysis also found that those who ate lots of vegetables, fruits and fibre appeared to see their risk for depression drop.

There are a few supplements that can help to reduce carbohydrate cravings and balance blood sugar levels.  They include CHROMIUM and GLUTAMINE, LIPOIC ACID, MAGNESIUM, ZINC  and the HERBS  GYMNEMA, FENNEL, GOAT’S RUE, CINNAMON, and FENUGREEK.