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Just One Junk Food Meal Causes Damage to the Heart, New Study Finds

Just one meat patty, processed cheese, and a spoonful of mayonnaise on a bun, or just a single junk food meal is enough to cause damage to your heart and eventually, lead you to cardiovascular disease, even death – new research found.
The researchers recruited 28 healthy, non-smoking students and assessed how eating a high fat breakfast affected their heart health by measuring their VTI’s (velocity time integral), which tells how much blood flow a person is getting to their arm.  The greater the blood flow the better.  This means that the small vessels can dilate to capacity and the the blood vessel hormones are functioning properly.
The students were studied twice, once on a day when they had a Mediterranean-style meal consisting of salmon, vegetables cooked in olive oil, and almonds, and once on a day when they ate commercially available breakfast meals composed of a sausage sandwich, an egg, three hash browns, and a slice of cheese – a total of 50 grams of fat and 900 calories. Just two hours after consuming the sandwiches, the students had a decrease in their VTIs by 15-20%, the researchers found. On the other hand, their arteries dilated normally after eating the healthy breakfast.
Although the results are just temporary, regular consumption of high fat meals can very quickly do harm.