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Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Have Higher BPA Blood Levels

The study found that BPA, a known hormone disrupter, is elevated and associated with higher levels of male hormones in the blood of women with PCOS compared with healthy women.

Excessive secretion of androgens — masculinization-promoting hormones — occurs in PCOS. The syndrome raises the risk of infertility, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

BPA is also elevated in women who have had recurrent miscarriages.

This chemical can leach into the bloodstream from food and beverage containers that are made of polycarbonate hard plastic or lined with epoxy resins, or from some dental sealants and composites.

Although BPA is a weak oestrogen, excessive secretion of androgens, as seen in PCOS, interfere with BPA detoxification by the liver, leading to accumulation of blood levels of BPA.

Although no one has proved that by reducing BPA levels in PCOS, it will have a beneficial effect, women with PCOS may want to limit their exposure to BPA.