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Fertility / Infertility

NATURAL FERTILITY – Planning for a healthy baby.

An all-natural approach to fertility to safely enhance both women’s and men’s reproductive health.

Preconception care for both parents should begin at least 4 months before intended conception, since sperm formation takes approximately 116 days, and ova are susceptible to damage 100 days before ovulation.

The more time given to preconception care, the more effective natural fertility success will be.


Fertility herbs, homeopathic supplements, fertility vitamins and minerals and fertility diet, all designed to:

Naturopaths and Herbalists are trained to formulate prescriptions for the individual, therefore, what is suitable for one person may not be suitable for another

INFERTILITY – A natural approach

An all-natural approach to overcome problems with male infertility and female infertility, and to safely enhance both women’s and men’s reproductive health.


Following medical and naturopathic evaluation, a treatment plan will be tailored to each couple. Treatment may include:

Some causes of infertility