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Dorn Spinal Therapy


Dorn Spinal Therapy was developed during the 1980s for relief of back pain, and has become an increasingly popular procedure as more and more patients find relief.

Dorn Spinal Therapy is a gentle, effective and safe vertebrae and joint treatment to correct misalignments of the spinal column and other joints. The method is based on natural laws of physics and anatomy and combines Traditional Chinese Medicine Principals with Western techniques and principals.


Dorn Spinal Therapy has most often been used for:

Increasingly Dorn is being used for treating illnesses directly or indirectly connected to the spinal column, where vertebrae are misaligned or blocked, such as:

DORN SPINAL THERAPY is not just a therapy – it is a complete HEALING METHOD

Dorn is an effective and safe therapy performed with the co-operation of the patient.

Dorn Spinal Therapy provides Self Help Exercises for patient ‘after care’ (necessary for prevention and maintenance).

Positive results are often immediately achieved, and with the Self Help Exercises following treatment, the Dorn Method can bring long lasting relief.

Dorn is completely safe, but still very effective.


Crossing the legs, overuse or unnatural movements due to work/sport, lack of movement, incorrect sitting positions, shock, stress, chronically tensed muscles, weak muscles, leg length difference, accidents, birth trauma, wrong lifting techniques, and long distance driving.

These factors can result in a misalignment in the hip joint(s) and the sacrum leading to a difference in leg length, and producing an unbalanced tensioning of the attached muscles, leading to a twisted pelvis.

Misalignments in the form of shifted vertebrae or curvatures occur, and eventually the whole spine gets out of balance.

The nerves of these areas are also affected, so the information exchange between the brain and the affected area is not as it should be This affects the associated organs, contributing to, and even causing chronic inner conditions.

If our sacrum gets out of balance then the whole foundation of our spinal column is no longer stable.


Dorn spinal therapy offers alignment of the spine and neck using natural muscle movements, with gentle pressure from the practitioner’s thumb or palm.

First the patient’s leg length is checked and, if necessary corrected.

Then pelvis is checked for misalignment, and also corrected if necessary. This is followed by the lumbar vertebrae and lower thoracic vertebrae. Then the upper thoracic vertebrae are checked, corrected if necessary, and finally the cervical vertebrae.

The basics during the correction is always the same: the practitioner applies gentle pressure to the vertebrae, while the bones are brought back into proper position as the patient is swinging either the arms or the legs, or moving the head side to side. The Dorn Method uses motion to divert the muscles tension, and in this relaxed state it is reasonable easy to re-align the bones.

The correction can be a little painful, but the pain stops the moment the practitioner take his hand off and it is only done in co-operation with the patient to avoid unnecessary discomfort.


The Dorn Spinal Therapy is then followed by a SPINAL STRETCH MASSAGE, which will nurture your spine, relax your back and give you a feeling of lightness and flexibility.

The patient is shown some SIMPLE EXERCISES and shown how to adjust uneven movements and bad postural patterns to achieve long lasting results.

Complementary treatments like herbal medicine, nutrition, Emotional Freedom Technique, homeopathy, biomesotherapy, etc. may be advised to assist the healing and to avoid a recurrence of the misalignments.


Sometimes there are several reactions up to seven days after the treatment. Dull muscle pain due to the correction (like after a gym workout) and pressure sensitivity on the corrected areas are common. Detoxification signs due to an improved metabolism (better nerve function) e.g. flu-like symptoms, changes in toilet habits and even an ‘awakening’ of unsolved inner issues may appear. These reactions should be judged as a positive ‘healing crisis’.

Of course, positive reactions like the disappearance of long time pain and chronic inner ailments can be noticed most of the time.