18 Aug 2015


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Garlic extract may be an effective weapon against multi-drug resistant strains of pathogenic bacteria associated with urinary tract infections (UTI), according to a recent study.

In this study, the team found that 56% of 166 bacteria strains isolated from the urine of people with UTI showed a high degree of resistance to antibiotics. However, about 82% of the antibiotic resistant bacteria were susceptible to a crude aqueous extract of Allium sativum (garlic).

According to the researchers, “ours is the first study to report the antibacterial activity of aqueous garlic extract against multidrug resistant bacterial isolates from infected urine samples leading to UTI.

Other herbs which can be effective for prevention and treatment of UTI’s include Uva Ursi, Cranberry, Barberry, Buchu, Cornsilk Couch Grass, Crataeva, Golden Seal, Cleavers, Marshmallow, and Echinacea.

An old soothing remedy for UTI’s is barley water – Boil 50 grams of unrefined barley in 1 litre of water for 40 minutes.  Cool, strain and drink over 24 hours.