08 Jul 2016

Dad’s Role in Baby’s Health Very Important

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Dad’s Role in Baby’s Health Very Important

New research shows that a man’s age and lifestyle may have a significant effect on his children’s health — well before they are born.

A study at Georgetown University, looked at dozens of studies on dads’ and children’s health. The research suggests that paternal age, diet and lifestyle can have an impact on children.

Age and unhealthy habits cause changes to a man’s genes. Although scientists don’t yet fully understand how it happens, lifestyle habits may damage a man’s sperm, allowing it to pass on potentially harmful genes to his children.

Age – Children whose fathers were over 40 had a much higher risk of autism, Downs Syndrome and Schizophrenia compared to those with fathers under 30.

DietObese men are more likely to father children who face a higher risk for obesity, diabetes and certain cancers.

Alcohol – As many as 3 out of 4 children diagnosed with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders have alcoholic fathers. Children with these disorders may have low birth weight, impaired brain development, and learning disabilities.

Stress – Fathers with high stress levels may have children who develop behaviour problems as a result.  Ongoing stress appeared to alter certain genes that are passed on to offspring.

Practice Healthy Habits. The study suggests that fathers-to-be should take good care of themselves in order to pass on the healthiest genes to their children.