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Chilli backed for natural weight loss


CHILLI PEPPERS – There is good evidence to back their use in weight management programmes and products.

A study – published in Appetite – systematically reviewed research investigating the potential benefits of capsinoid and capsaicinoid compounds, from chilli peppers, in relation to weight management. The team reviewed the findings of 20 clinical trials, involving more than 550 participants.

They found that consumption of capsaicinoids was associated with increases in energy expenditure of approximately 50 kcal per day. The researchers added that regular consumption also significantly reduced abdominal adipose tissue levels and reduced appetite and energy intake. Though effects observed in this body of work are subtle, they are not insignificant. Small dietary changes exert small effects on energy balance, but cumulatively, they may contribute to weight loss or maintenance.

More recently, a number of potential health benefits of consuming the chilli compounds have been investigated, with suggestions that capsaicinoids have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.