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Should the veins in your heart or coronary blood vessels be narrowed or obstructed by plaque, you should drink a liqueur glassful of this extract .  About 30 cloves of garlic (peeled), 5 diced fresh lemons (not peeled).  Mince these in the vitamiser, bring the mixture to the boil in 1 litre of water and immediately removed from the heat.  Strain it, let it cool and bottle it.  Keep it in a cool place.  The daily dose of 1 liqueur glassful may be taken before or after the main meal of the day.  After enjoying this daily intake for 3 weeks, you will already notice a youthfully comfortable regeneration of your whole body.

After following this course of treatment for 3 weeks, take a break of 3 days, then the second 3 weeks treatment may be started.