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Bach Flower Remedies

Flower essences have a long history spanning many cultures. Bach Flower Remedies are flowers essences established by Dr. Edward Bach.

They work on the emotional state of an individual to restore balance and well being.

A bit about Dr.Bach…

Dr Edward Bach was born in 1886 and worked as a Medical Officer and Surgeon at various hospitals.

He eventually felt frustrated and dissatisfied with the results of modern medicine and its focus on treating the physical body only.

One of the many observations he made during his research work with patients was that those of one personality type would react very differently to those of another to the same disease. He found that treating the personality of a patient was extremely effective when treating the disease or illness of a patient.

He had a great interest in Homeopathy and he shared the Homeopathic principles of “like curing like” and to ‘treat the patient not the disease’.

In essence, instead of treating the disease he would treat their state of mind or mood present during the illness, eg., if a patient came to him with an irritating rash on their body and suffered from lack of confidence and exhaustion he would treat the lack of confidence and exhaustion and find the rash disappear and good health would return to the patient.

In 1928 he discovered the first three flower remedies he was to work with. He found that by prescribing them to the personality of the patient he had remarkable results and was so impressed he eventually stopped using other methods of treatment.

In 1930, aged 43, Dr Edward Bach gave up his very successful medical practice and left London to work in Wales and the English countryside to do more research work with herbs and plants.

By 1934 he had discovered 19 of the 38 remedies and was using these very successfully on the many patients who came to him for treatment.

He settled in Berkshire, England where he was to find the remaining 19 remedies.